The Tasmanian Government is currently reviewing the Scalefish Management Plan and have proposed some amendments. This is a prime opportunity for Tasmanians to create a healthier, more abundant Tasmanian coast by finally ending the use of wasteful recreational gillnets.

The petition of names collected on this site will be delivered to the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water, and Environment (DPIPWE) as a submission to the Scalefish Management Plan Review and presented to the Minister for Fisheries, Mr Jeremy Rockliff MP.

The Department is also conducting public information sessions throughout the state to hear opinions regarding the Scalefish Management Plan Amendments 2015 (check out our blog for more info) and we encourage people to go along to these sessions and push for strong measures to help bring the fish back to Tassie.

Please take action and help us support fish for the future and end the outdated use of gillnets that waste thousands of fish and protected species each year.

Even in remote Tassie where we believe we have some of the healthiest marine environments in the world, our fisheries have suffered big declines over recent years. The use of recreational gillnets has contributed to this decline, despite other states banning them years ago. Many Tasmanians enjoy fishing and the time this gives them with their families – time spent catching a feed and connecting with the ocean. But recreational gillnets are one of the most wasteful and unnecessary fishing practices still permitted in Tassie, with at least a third of all fish caught being thrown back.

Their ongoing use will only continue the serious decline of our vulnerable fish populations and the death of hundreds of penguins, seabirds, and protected species like the endangered Maugean Skate. It is our responsibility to preserve Tassie’s fisheries for future generations, so our children may have the same experiences we have enjoyed in the past and our magnificent marine environments are protected.

TasFish, Environment Tasmania, Eaglehawk Dive Centre, and Tasmanian Conservation Trust are just a few of the many businesses, organizations and clubs working together to stop gillnetting, and help bring the fish back.

Thank you for joining us and taking action!

Bec, Mike and the Rec Net Free team